Cooking is a lifelong skill that can bring enjoyment and satisfaction to anyone, but unfortunately there are many who have not had the opportunities to grow that skill, that is where we come in.

We have taken it upon ourselves to nurture and bring the best Chefs our University has to offer. Those that can represent the school both National and International.

Aim and Objectives

Our aim and objectives are geared toward bringing enjoyment and satisfaction to our students and giving them opportunity to grow their skills in the world of cooking


    Membership is open to all who wants to join the club. NB: Limited space available


    To encourage the students and give them the opportunity to embrace a new lifestyle in the kitchen, allow students t get more involved in the world of cooking and appreciate food of world, locally as well as inter-continentally


    To help students overcome their fear of kitchen and to experience all that the world of cooking would have to offer