The Nile Chess Club amongst the rest of the clubs aims at equipping students with reasoning and problem solving skills in order to learn how to play chess at a professional level so as to increase the schools reputation and the reputation of the members as well winning competitions…


To recruit as many members as possible and teach them how to play chess with our already available study materials starting from an easy level to an intermediate and up to advanced level members.


    Membership is open to any student who wants to join.


    To promote the study and knowledge of the game of chess for its own sake as an art and enjoyment as well as an intellectual sport so that through the clubs library of instructional, chess applications and its special seminars with chess champions, the Nile Chess Club will seek to foster the development of its members as chess players and enhance their appreciation of the royal game.


    To transform the Nile Chess Club to an internationally renowned chess club which serves professional and amateur players alike with integrity and respect.