Zobo Drink Competition

The first edition Nile Zoo Drink Competition organised by the Student Affairs Department, which had in collaboration the Student Representative Council (SRC), Cuisine Club and Business Club, took place as scheduled on the 11th May 2018.

The competition had in participation 15 contestants who presented their Zobo having their “Killer Recipe”.
The competitors were judged based on these criteria which are:
Taste, Presentation, Aroma, and Appearance.
After the judges had decided, there were 5 winners at the end.
The fifth winner was contestant 13 (Hauwa Mohd Yakasai), who happened to score 86 points.
The fourth winner was contestant 1 (Fatima Ibrahim Maikarfi), having 87 points
There is no third position as two of the contestants came head to head in points. The contestants were: Jibril Tukur Othman and Yasmin Amal Yakubu who both scored 89 points each.
And the winner in all was contestant 12 (Khadija Yunusa), who scored 91 points


4th Abuja International Model United Nations Conference AIMU

The United Nations Information Office presents its 4th Abuja International Model United Nations Conference AIMU 2018 which is scheduled from 5th – 7th November 2018


Nigerian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Abuja and Nile University of Nigeria, Abuja.


Winning The Fight Against Corruption: A sustainable Path To Africa’s Transformation


Amb. Marcelino A. Cabanas (Ambassador of Spain to Nigeria)

Amb. Torben Gettermann (Ambassador of Denmark to Nigeria)

Amb. Stephane de Loecker (Ambassador of Belgium to Nigeria)

Ronald D. Kayanja (Country Director, UN Information Office in Abuja)

The Abuja International Model United Nations Conference is an Educational Simulation of the inner workings of the United Nations’ diplomatic functions where youths (mostly students) gets to learn about diplomacy, round-table negotiations, arts of lobbying and the United Nations Global Developmental Agenda.

Grappling with the international challenges of representing challenges of representing the needs, concerns, interests, and foreign policy objectives of a government other than their own, delegates at the Abuja International Model United Nations Conference, will be simulating various committees, funds and other programs of the United Nations by assuming the roles of the country Ambassadors to the UN. they will be debating, negotiating and lobbying one another for practical solutions to the world’s most daunting challenges such as; Terrorism, Human Rights Violation, Economic and Refugee crisis, Cyber Security etc. using foreign policies of the country they individually represented.

Freshers Week 2018

The Student Affairs Department, Nile University of Nigeria in conjunction with Student Representative Council (SRC) is organising the 2018 Freshers Week for its new students, for the 2018/2019 Academic Session

There are tons of activities taking place which are:

  • Orientation Lecture
  • School Tour
  • Picnic/Games
  • Trip to Wonderland Amusement Park
  • Treasure Hunt & Video Games
  • Movie Night
  • Sports Competition
  • Concert / Awards Night / BBQ

NB: For the first 100 students to attend the orientation lecture, they will be given Free Tickets for the Wonderland Park Trip