2019 Nile Premier League

The Guidance and Counselling unit in collaboration with the Sports department also had its yearly Premier league tournament. It’s the third of its kind since its start and various teams within the school come to participates. Its a 5-aside tournament that takes place for a month and at the end of the weeks of battle, the team with the highest number of points wins the league and is issued trophy and medals. It has a total of 14 teams who participated all in allThis years league had Los Blancos as the winners, followed by Legends and third place AMG.The golden boot award goes to Abiden Almakura who has the highest goals during the tournament

2018 Nile Premier League

Nile Premier League which is an annual events organised by the Sports unit, Student Affairs Department on Nile University of Nigeria is taking place for maximum of 8 weeks. It has 11 teams that participated for the league. After weeks on intense heart melting performance from all teams, the struggle was tough and challenging.

All teams fought but at the end, only the bravest stood on top to prove worthy having Footy FC as the standing winners at the end of the season with 30 points which is three points ahead of their second runner up, Nile Stars having 27 points. The third on table were legend FC with 24 points, Goal Machines FC with 18 points and the fifth on the table was Coventry. Having same points as the Goal Machines FC but were down with goal  difference

Male Table Tennis Tournament

The Male Table tennis tournament that was organized by the Sports Department, under the Office of the Dean of Student Affairs, Nile University of Nigeria and has a total of 24 participants. The tournament was tough as each participant has encountered hard working and tough opponents to play with.

It went on and at the end of the tournament, we had a winner that proved himself worthy throughout the entire tournament.

The first position was Khalifa,

1st Position. Khalifa Muhammad

who proved himself worthy.

While the second position was Usifo John

2nd Position. John Usifo

and Mustapha Celik came third.

3rd Position. Mustapha Celik

Traditional VC Cup Tournament

12440550_498065423706663_1233679909467111654_oThe Traditional VC Cup is an inter-departmental competition that holds annually in the school by bringing all departments in the University to compete for a trophy set aside by the Sports department. Each department brings out the best of its football players to compete and a single team (department) will emerge the winner at the end of the tournament.


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