Real Life Conference

The maiden edition of The Real Life Conference held between Monday 18th and Tuesday 19″ March, 2019. The conference was organized by the Student Affairs Department, notably the Psychology Unit, the Guidance and Counselling Unit and the Career Development Unit. It was aimed at educating and preparing the final-year students of Nile University for life after their BSc program; equipping them with knowledge that they may not have hitherto gained in the university. The conference comprised various themes addressing issues which graduates may unavoidably encounter after school such as:

  • Financial Management (Investment and Saving)
  • Employability and the World of Work Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century
  • Starting Early Leadership Drug Abuse and Dependence
  • Stress management Marriage and Family (Choosing a Spouse, Work-Life Balance, etc)
  • Spiritual Growth and Development (Muslim and Christian Perspectives)

The conference also included other side attractions like the raffle draw and the prizes awarded to students who answered questions correctly. Certificates were also given to attendees of the conference. In addition, our special guest speakers were awarded certificates, plaques of appreciation and gift hampers.

On the first day, the conference kicked off at 10:30am on Monday, 18h March with prayers and an opening address from the Director of the Student Affairs Department, Mr. M. J. Bamalli There were prizes awarded to the first three students who signed the attendance register for the day. After this, the guest speakers were acknowledged and the presentations began.

The first speaker, Dr. Nurudeen Muhammad, consultant psychiatrist at Melville healthcare, addressed the theme: Stress Management. He spoke about how people should learn to handle the stresses of life effectively in order to live a happier and more fulfilled life.

The second speaker was Mrs. Maryam Lemu, a marriage counselor, who addressed the theme: Marriage and Family. She advised the students to students to select their future spouses wisely and also give them tips on how to live peacefully with one’s spouse.

The third speaker was young philanthropist and founder of the WBH Foundation, Ms. Wadi Ben-Hirki, who addressed the theme: Starting Early. She encouraged the students to see that it is not too early to discover your purpose in life and begin actualizing your dreams.

The fourth speaker for the day was Dr. Ahmed Adamu, who addressed the theme: Leadership. He told the students that everyone is born to lead in one way or another, and that we should all aim to find a means through which we can harness leadership in everything we do.

The final speaker was Engr. Abdullahi Ketso, who addressed the topic: Employability and the World of Work. He talked to the students about how to make oneself an eligible employee in the labour market. He gave them tips on how to write the perfect CV and how to have a good work persona.

Refreshments were given to the students during the event, and the raffle draw interludes were slot into the program at intervals. The guest speakers were presented with their awards and certificates. The conference ended at 1:50pm. The guest speakers then moved to the Senate Room where they were hosted for lunch with members of management such as the Registrar and the Vice Chancellor.

On the second day, the conference kicked off at 10:40am on Tuesday, 19th March with prayers and an opening address from the Assistant Director of the Student Affairs Department, Mrs. Fausat Aleshinloye.

The first speaker of the day was Mrs. Toyin Alasi, a certified financial expert and coach. She addressed the theme: Financial Management. She advised the students on how to develop the habits of saving and investing their money. She also spoke about having multiple streams of income. It was indeed an enlightening presentation.

The second speaker was Otunba Lanre Ipinmisho, former D.G of NDLEA and chairperson at Freshacres Resource Center. He addressed the theme: Drug Abuse and Dependence. He made an elaborate presentation about the hazards of illegal drug use and explained the concepts of addiction and dependence.

The third speaker was Pastor Emmanuel Iren, the Lead Pastor of Celebration Church Intl. He addressed the theme: Christian Spiritual Growth and Development. He taught the students about the importance of discovering your purpose in order to live a fulfilling life according to God’s will.

The fourth speaker, Mr. Wale Aladejana, CEO of Sapphire Scents, addressed the theme: Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century. He spoke about the success story of his business while highlighting some important lessons and tips. He emphasized the importance of producing goods for Africans, by Africans which Africans can afford.

The final speaker was Arc. Musa Pen Abdul, an Islamic scholar, who addressed the theme: Islamic Spiritual Growth and Development. He spoke similarly to the Pastor about discovering one’s purpose in line with the will of Allah.

The guest speakers were awarded. Prizes were given out to students who answered questions correctly. The program came to an end at 2:10pm