Pre Ramadan Lecture 2019

The Muslim Student Society of Nigeria, Nile University of Nigeria chapter held its pre-Ramadan lecture to enlighten the muslim students and staff concerning the virtues of Ramadan. It was delivered by Sheikh Abdullahi Musa Abu Jabir (Penabdul) where he started by stressing on the importance of the state of preparedness for the holy month of Ramadan and went further to explain the verse of the Qur’an which Allah made Ramadhan fast obligatory and stressed on the objective which is to attain piety.

He stated that among the numerous virtues of Ramadhan is the revelation of the glorious book of Allah which is meant to be recited and pondered or reflected upon in the sacred month of Ramadhan.

Among the virtues the sheik mentioned is the opening of the gate of paradise and the closure of the gate of hell which makes it easier for a believer to enter paradise if he or she dies in the month of Ramadhan.

The night of Laylatul Qadr was also said to be one of the virtues of Ramadhan.  The Sheikh accentuated on seeking forgiveness if one happens to witness the night of Laylatul qadr.

Charity in the month of Ramadhan was explained as one of the virtues of Ramadhan. The Sheikh stressed on the reward of giving especially in the month of Ramadhan.

In his quest to succinctly explain the virtues of Ramadhan he touched different topics such as Tahajjud and its importance and as well the nitty- gritties.  Tahajjud and Allah’s forgiveness were said to be among the virtues of Ramadhan.  The guest lecturer talked about a number of other things which are related to fasting and it virtues.   However,  generally,  the lecturer underscored the virtues of Ramdhan and motivated his audience to prepare well to harness the countless reward it brings forth.